Thursday, May 5, 2011


dear baby,

so we've begun to tell people about you. your father's friends are excited. mine are elated. our families reactions range from over the moon to conservative and stoic. you may be an oops and a big surprise, but you will be nonetheless loved and welcomed into our lives. we have nine months to prepare for you...and there's so much to do! living situations to figure out, doctor's appointments to schedule, money to save...

we went hiking to the waterfalls yesterday. i'm sorely out of shape, so i'm sorry if i deprived you of oxygen. i've heard exercise is good for pregnant women. really, it's recommended for everyone -- but i enjoy junk food and appreciate filthy habits like drinking and smoking. but with you will come other lifestyle changes and sacrifices. anyway, the waterfalls were gorgeous. your father and i looked for gold nuggets because finding a big one would pay off all our respective debt and ensure your college education. :-) but all we found were suspicious looking flakes -- fool's gold or the real thing? not too sure. so we'll go back out again soon with appropriate tools before i completely lose my waist and you're too big for me to bend over and successfully pan for wealth.

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