Wednesday, September 14, 2011


dear baby eric,

you have a name!  your dad and i had a lovely dinner last week with jean and bob, the parents of our friend eric who passed away in april. we figured out that you were probably conceived about a week before eric's death. eric was one of your father's best friends, and he made an impact on my life during the short time i knew him as well. we received jean and bob's blessing to name you after him.  he was an extraordinary person, baby. adventurous and energetic but poetic and introspective and compassionate and friendly and so giving of himself. though i know you'll grow up to be a unique individual, i hope you'll also embody some of those characteristics as well. and i find it so reassuring to know that our friend eric will be your guardian angel. he was practically fearless. it's good to know that your angel will be willing to accompany you on all the crazy twists and turns your path in life will take.

you've been kicking up a storm lately, baby, so much so that your dad finally felt you move a few nights ago. we were in bed, settling in for the evening, about to fall asleep. he laid his hand across my tummy and i felt your little flutters on the other side of my abdomen. i moved his hand and you kicked it softly a couple times. your dad smiled, awestruck.

i think you're experiencing a growth spurt, too. you're pushing more into my upper body, my diaphragm, making it difficult for me to get a good breath of air.

i was cleaning out an old purse the other day and found the pregnancy tests i took that confirmed i was expecting you. i'd stashed them in my purse when i headed out to meet your dad to tell him the news. i wasn't sure if he'd believe me, so i brought them along as proof. i thought he'd be grossed out to know i still have them, but your dad wants to keep them for your scrapbook. if this embarrasses you in the future, i'm letting you know now that it's his fault, not mine.

love you, baby. 16 more weeks 'til we meet.

24 weeks along:

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