Monday, October 3, 2011


dear baby eric,

i haven't written in a while mostly because there hasn't been anything exciting to update.  you're growing, of course. my belly is large and my skin is stretched taut, which is at times uncomfortable but i deal with it. i don't know the meaning of a "good night's rest" anymore because you get feisty and kick-y when i lay down to rest, and it seems i can't go an hour without a break for the bathroom.  not only that, but the weight of you on my hips causes uncomfortable cramps if i don't switch positions every hour or so as well.  needless to say, i haven't gotten a solid sleep in a long time.

summer seems to be on the way out. officially, it's autumn now but we've still been dealing with ridiculously warm temperatures.  there's a raging wind storm outside as i type this, however, and i'm hoping it blows away the heat and the coolness of fall will finally settle in.  you're a warm little guy, and you bring up my body temperature quite a bit, so i'm looking forward to feeling comfier in colder temps as the weeks go on.

this week marks the end of my second trimester, which means we're in the home stretch! we only have october, november, and december left to conquer before you arrive sometime in early january.

my baby shower is next month, and your grandpa lovell will be here for the event.  definitely looking forward to that and receiving all sorts of goodies to make your life (and mine! and your fathers...) easier when we welcome you to the world.

27 weeks today, baby boy.  only 13 more to go!

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