Sunday, November 6, 2011


dear baby eric,

it's been a while. lots has happened in the last couple of weeks. i'm well into our third trimester, i've been told by my doctor to rest more because my blood pressure is pre-hypertensive, i have random cramps, and i've had a few contractions.

needless to say, you're on your way in the next few weeks. tomorrow we'll officially be 32 weeks along, which means that we only have 8 more weeks until your due date. your father and i are thinking about all sorts of scarily important things to prepare for your arrival, like creating a birth plan. i desperately need to look into birthing classes as well. after feeling just a few mild contractions last week, i think i could use some education about coping techniques in case the pain of labor becomes too much. ideally, i'd love to give birth to you without being given too much medicine. don't want your entrance into the world to be marred by drugs, you know?

my tummy seems to have grown by leaps and bounds these past couple of weeks. i'm much more sensitive to your movement. i feel you much higher up in my ribs, but also waaaay down low in my pelvis as well. you like to dance on my bladder, and it's sore.

sometimes, i can feel your little knee or elbow poking out my side. your joints feel knobby under my skin.

sometimes, when i poke and prod at my belly, you'll kick in response.

30 weeks


our halloween costume, which we wore on nevada day, but not on halloween...

31 weeks

31 weeks

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