Saturday, November 19, 2011


dear baby eric,

so much has happened since the last time i wrote to you. your grandma karen, aunt holly, and grandma tami hosted a baby shower for me and your father.  your papaw ray was able to attend, all the way from hawaii! you received all sorts of gifts, from diapers to toys to clothes. we're so thankful for the generosity of our friends and family, and the fact that you're already so supported and loved.

one of the most meaningful gifts we received was from mrs. kvam, the mother of our friend eric, for whom you're named. not only did she gift us with a great graco swing/bouncer (a gadget i'm sure you'll adore), but she also knitted a blanket for you from the softest yarn. i know she put a lot of love into creating the blanket, and that love will surround you every time we bundle you in it.

actually, you received a few handmade blankets -- not only the knitted afghan from mrs. kvam, but a quilt from my aunt sherry (though she says it's actually for ME, and i can CHOOSE to share it with you if i want), and a knotted fleece blanket from your aunt britney.

a couple days after the shower, your papaw ray and i met up with your tutu karen in las vegas. i enjoyed spending time with my parents, whom i miss terribly since they live across the ocean in hawaii and we're here in northern nevada. your tutu karen will come up here for a visit in early january. hopefully you'll already be here by then, and she can help me adjust to the rigors of mommyhood.

at the doctor's yesterday, we learned that you're still growing on track and have a nice, steady heartbeat at 140 BPM. our sonogram a week ago showed that you're already in position, head down. i think you're experiencing a last minute in-utero growth spirt, however, because i'm cramping a lot. the doctor says that my ligaments are stretching to accommodate your size. you hurt! there was some concern that all my cramping was an indication that i might be going into premature labor, but the doc checked everything out and things seem to be okay. we've still got a couple weeks to go before you're considered full-term, so i definitely don't want to experience any labor pains yet. but if after 36 weeks you feel like making an appearance, i'm okay with that. because honestly i'm getting tired of being pregnant, and i'd much rather be your mommy with you OUTSIDE my body, rather than tucked up in it.

we'll be 34 weeks on monday, which is the day after tomorrow. slowly but surely, baby!

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