Wednesday, December 7, 2011


dear baby eric,

we're 36 weeks along now. had a bit of a scare last night when i thought my water might've broken while i was dealing with an upset stomach. i've been experiencing contractions sporadically since saturday evening when i found myself in the hospital with bad cramps and an awful headache. i thought maybe those were symptoms of high blood pressure, but tests showed that my numbers were very normal -- the lowest they've been in months. however, my heart rate sky rocketed and yours did too, so i was kept at the hospital for a few hours for observation and so that my rates could normalize. thankfully they did.

but all these things make me think that you may make your debut before new year's.

we'll see!

34 weeks!

my belly's starting to look a bit lower indicating that you're dropping.

35 weeks!

36 weeks!

you're getting quite cramped in there...

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