Friday, August 5, 2011


dear baby,

so dr. barulich was a bit of a buzz kill yesterday at our appointment. he decided that 18 weeks gestation is too early to do the sonogram to take a peek at your private bits. we scheduled another appointment at the end of this month, so hopefully (fingers crossed!) we'll know to shop for pink or blue before september is upon us.

your dad fished a stethoscope out of the storage shed for me this morning, and i've been using it all day to listen to you swim around my belly. i was hoping to hear your heart beat -- your pulse was SO LOUD and STRONG through the doppler machine at the doctor's office yesterday -- but no luck yet. but i do hear faint little gurgles and hiccup noises when i listen to my lower belly. and these noises are quite different from what i hear when i place the apparatus on my upper gut, so i'm guessing i really am listening to YOU and not my digestive system squishing about.

week 18 photos:

i cut four/five inches off the length of my hair the other day and it feels SO great. you've grown a lot recently, and my belly's big enough to cause me a lot of discomfort at night. i toss and turn and flip from side to side all night long. when my hair was longer, it would get caught underneath my body and pull painfully at my scalp. now that it's shorter, i'm much more comfortable. it's not the most stylish look, but i'll be honest, baby, you don't have the most stylish mama. i spend most of my time in pajamas and sweats now that my pre-pregnancy clothes don't fit over my belly. i can't remember the last time i wore makeup. but i promise i'll attempt to retain a little bit of fashion and style once you're born, and especially once you're old enough to be embarrassed by your parents. we wont go out to dinner with me wearing a t-shirt with a large hole in the arm pit (remind me to someday tell you that story about your grandfather...) lol.

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