Saturday, August 13, 2011


dear baby,

this is a photo of your second cousin, abbigail savanah reynolds. she was born today to my cousin jenny and her husband tony, via emergency c-section, because her umbilical cord was tightly wrapped around her neck.

despite her dangerous situation in-utero, abby is healthy and wonderful. she weighed a bit over 6 lbs.

jenny and i have had rather similar pregnancies, despite her being about 20 weeks ahead of me.  the enduring nausea, fatigue, and frequent indigestion and heartburn are symptoms that jenny is quite familiar with because she dealt with them all 39 weeks of her pregnancy with abby.

knowing that, i ask you to please not scare me by getting the umbilical cord wrapped around your neck -- or anything else that would cause you or me undue stress during your birth. let's strive for a swift, easy-going process to bring you into the world! no sense in following too closely in cousin abby's footsteps. be a trailblazer, baby!

just want to plant the idea in your head now so you have a while to think about it. okay? thanks. love you lots.

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